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About Me


Growing up I always had a "creative itch." If I wasn't creating something I'd feel lost and unsettled. I frequently had projects spread out through my bedroom for weeks at a time. It wasn't just jewelry, but drawing, painting, scrapbooking, anything and everything!

As I grew that need for creating only strengthened. My friend and I were constantly coming up with new jewelry ideas, and even dabbled in selling at a few local trade shows. It was so much fun for me, but I never dreamed it could be a significant part of my life.

When I entered college, although I really wanted to pursue art, I didn't know how to make it a career, and instead turned to my love of science hoping to find some sort of success. After years of working hard to "make it" as a zoologist and dabbling in jewelry on the side, I realized that the science route didn't quite fit the person I had become. At this point, I turned back to the Art that I had passed up so many years before.

I started up (for the 2nd time) my first Etsy shop that focuses on everyday sterling silver jewelry. It took me several tries to really perfect my style and find my niche within Etsy. It was here that I created my first mom charms. Mother's Day 2011 sold a lot of pieces especially considering I only had 3 listings, and about 6 color options.

In the summer of 2011 I realized just how much people loved the charm jewelry, and decided to start a second shop focusing on these pieces. This was when J4JCharms was born. I thoughtfully curated the options adding a rainbow of colors, carefully selected fonts, and a variety of beads and metal charms. I tried to listen to my customer's ideas, and figure out how they will work within the shop. For example, when the shop opened I got several requests for fonts that looked the most similar to a child's handwriting, and so I found a way to offer your child’s actual handwriting instead of a font. This is such a great, unique way to preserve a special memory.

This is just the start of J4JCharms, I have so many ideas up my sleeves, and am always adding new items! Most recently I added the gold-filled items and soon enough I'll be looking to carry items that focus more on the father's in our lives to include: wide leather cuff bracelets, tie tacks, cufflinks, bookmarkers, and more! The success of this shop has made my dreams come true, and have plans to make this my full time career sometime in 2013!

Thank you for reading and following me! Check back soon because we are constantly evolving! Don’t forget to fan Jonesing For Jewelry on Facebook for the most up to date information, special deals, free shipping, and giveaways!

Carin Jones